Forms for Appointment

Below are links to forms that you will need for your appointment with Dr. Aylor.  Please be sure to read them carefully and sign where indicated.  Click your mouse on the BLUE text and a .pdf (Adobe) document should be generated.  Please print the document, complete it at home and bring the documents with you to your appointment.  If you are using insurance to pay for your appointments,you will also need to bring a copy of your insurance card and a form of identification with you to the first appointment.

If you are without a printer, Dr. Aylor can arrange for you to fill these forms out in the office.   Generally, it takes about 30 minutes to complete all of the forms.  If you have difficulty reading or concentrating, please recognize that it may take you longer than 30 minutes and plan accordingly.  Please arrive early enough to have adequate time before your appointment to complete these necessary forms.

2014 Directions to Dr Aylor’s office  (it is up to you if you would like to print this form out or not)

Patient Information_2014  This form will provide Dr. Aylor and her billing representatives with the needed information about your Health Insurance Provider, your primary physician and your emergency contacts.  The third page is a release that will allow Dr. Aylor or her representatives to communicate with your insurance company on your behalf with regard to billing, or if any issues arise with your insurance.  You should be aware that your insurance provider can ask questions about anything that is in your health record to determine the medical necessity of your continued treatment.

2014 Consent to Treatment  This is a lengthy document, that the California Board of Psychology requires be printed in 12-point font.  Please read each section and put your initials in each box in the right hand margin to indicate that you have read and understand each section.

2014 NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES   (This form does not need to be printed out, this is for your information only!)  The next form “HIPAA Doc” is the form you must sign to indicate that you have access to, or have received “The Notice of Privacy Practices.”

HIPAA doc  Your signature on this form will be adequate to indicate that you have had access to the “Notice of Privacy Practices”

2014 No Show Late Cancellation Policy  This form reiterates information about the importance of attending appointments you schedule with Dr. Aylor.  Unlike other physicians, psychologists are not able to overbook their schedules assuming a certain number of clients will not attend their appointments. Psychologists cannot run overtime at the end of the day or cut appointments short if all clients show up (always wondered why you have to wait so long at your Doctor’s office, didn’t you?).  When you schedule an appointment with a therapist, that time is reserved for you and you alone.  No shows and late cancellations are bad for business.  Repeated No Shows or late cancellations will result in termination of your therapy services.

History & Physical  This is pretty self-explanatory,  Please fill out all sections.

Mood Monitor  This is a self-rating scale that will provide a quick assessment of how you are functioning and may be administered to you at various times throughout your treatment.

2014 Credit Card Authorization Form  You only need to fill out this form if you intend to use credit or debit cards for your services.

Parental Consent 2014  This form is intended for young adult patients who are not financially independent and will be relying on their parents health insurance and financial support for their services.



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